Proform 495 Elliptical Review

Proform Smart Strider 495 – A Good Buy For You?


proform smart strider 495 elliptical review
Proform 495 Elliptical

The Proform Smart Strider 495 Elliptical is one of Proform’s new folding ellipticals for this year.

It can be hard to find a folding elliptical that still feels sturdy and stable.

Many folding ellipticals these days are cheaply made and way too light to stand up to intense workouts.

But the Proform 495 elliptical has more substance to it than cheaper machines with a 13 pound, inertia-enhanced flywheel and a heavy commercial-gauge steel frame.

You also get a comfortable 18 inch stride for a more natural running motion.

So is the Proform 495 elliptical a good choice for you?

Here’s a review of what you need to know before buying:



proform smart strider 495 elliptical review
Proform 495 Console



Proform 495 Specs:

Price: $799 + Free Shipping

Strider: 18 inches

Resistance Levels: 18

iFit? Yes – Compatible

Weight Capacity: 275 lbs

Built-In Workouts: 18

Warranty: Lifetime Frame Warranty and 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty


proform folding elliptical 495
Proform 495 Folding Elliptical


Proform 495 Elliptical Review – Key Benefits:


Folds Up To Save Space

Like all the Smart Stride ellipticals, the 495 was made so you could easily fold it up and move it out of the way. There are wheels on the bottom for easy movement.

It can even be stored away in a closet. So it’s a great choice for smaller workout areas like condos or apartments.



proform smart strider 495 folding elliptical review



Comfortable 18 Inch Stride

A longer stride length helps you to work your lower body muscles more fully. It also feels more natural than short strides as it’s more similar to most peoples’ running strides.

While this isn’t the longest stride that Proform makes, it’s still pretty good and will feel comfortable for most people under 6 foot 2.




Tablet Holder Above the Console

There’s a sturdy bracket above the console you can use to hold your tablet. Then you can surf the net, watch Netflix or your favorite movies as you workout.

Plus because the tablet won’t cover the console, you can also see your workout stats at the same time.



proform 495 elliptical with ifit live



Explore the World with iFit

iFit Coach (formerly iFit LIVE) connects your elliptical to the Internet. From there you can track your workouts over time or download unlimited new workouts to your elliptical from famous trainers.

You can also choose to run famous world trails – from Paris to the Swiss Alps – and watch in your tablet window as actual landmarks pass you by. Very virtual reality!



proform smart strider 495 elliptical with ifit


Out of Box Assembly

Nobody wants to spend hours trying to figure out how to put together an elliptical trainer. So Proform has made it easy with the 495 – it comes almost fully assembled in the box. There are just 3 easy steps you need to follow to set the elliptical trainer up where it’s ready to go.

So your elliptical is ready in minutes, not hours. And you won’t be pulling your hair out in frustration trying to put it together for hours.




iPod Dock With Speakers

ipod dockYou can also plug in and play your favorite tunes with the iPod dock.

There are built-in speakers  in the console so you can avoid using your earphones if you want.





18 Built In Workouts

Not sure you want to try iFit? No problem, you also get 18 built in professional training workouts (for free) with this trainer. These workouts were designed by a certified personal trainer and automatically control the resistance level for you. Just press start and you’re off!


proform 495 review



Proform 495 Elliptical Review – What You Should Know:


Non Backlit Console

The Proform 495 elliptical console is pretty simple and it’s not backlit. It toggles between your workout stats – which can be a bit annoying (but if you use your tablet and iFit you can get constant feedback of all your workout stats – thereby getting around this problem).

Also, if you want to get the full effect of iFit (watching the scenery of world trails as you run), you’ll need to use your tablet as you can’t see this on the elliptical console as you can with some Proform Ellipticals.


proform smart strider 495 elliptical review


Also, be aware that iFit requires an online subscription if you want to use it.



While the 13 pound flywheel adds more stability to the machine it’s a little on the lighter side for intense workouts. If you want a machine that’s even heavier and sturdier, you may want to go up to the Smart Strider 695 model which has a stronger 18 pound flywheel.




Bottom Line?

The Proform Smart Strider 495 is a new ultra-affordable, folding elliptical. Unlike many of the cheaper folding crosstrainers on the market, this model is built with more substance to it – using a heavy 13 pound flywheel and a commercial gauge steel frame.

So even though it folds up, it still won’t shake or wobble when you pick up the pace during your workout.

While it’s simpler than the other Smart Strider models, it still gives you some solid basics with a few fun extras thrown in. All in all, if you want a strong, stable, folding elliptical coming in at a fantastic price, this is worth considering.



Where To Save:

You can get the new Proform 495 elliptical direct from the Manufacturer here. Use the link below to get Free Shipping to your home, which will save you about $150.


Click Here to Save on the Proform 495 Smart Strider Elliptical



proform smart strider 495 elliptical review
Proform 495 Folding Elliptical