Proform Introduces New Cardio Hiit Elliptical Trainer


New Cardio Hiit Elliptical Helps You Go Vertical!


proform cardio hiit elliptical trainerLooking for a new way to lose weight faster, more effectively?

Then you may have heard of Cardio HIIT Training. It stand for Cardio High Intensity Interval Training.

It’s basically where you incorporate shorter intervals of very intense workouts into your training routine.

So you do 30 seconds of very intense work then you rest for 2 minutes, followed by another 30 seconds of high intensity workout, then another rest.

The advantage to this is that it’s been proven to burn fat more effectively than regular cardio training – even post workout. It basically shocks your body into revving your metabolism even for hours post workout.

The most popular machine for high intensity interval training so far has been the Bowflex Max. Bowflex introduced it about 2 years ago and it’s been flying off the shelves ever since.


cardio hiit elliptical vs bowflex max
Bowflex Max Trainer


The big draw with the Bowflex Max Trainer is that you can burn 2.5 times the calories as a regular elliptical. So you get results faster.

Well now Proform has released their own answer to the Bowflex Max – the Proform Cardio Hiit Trainer. It’s very similar in style to the Max Trainer – a hybrid stair-stepper-elliptical machine with upper body arms.


proform cardio hiit elliptical
Proform Cardio Hiit Trainer Pro



It is kind of like a vertical elliptical motion.

However in the spirit of competition, Proform has also added their own twist on it – the full color console with web browser (on the Hiit Pro model). This is something you definitely don’t get on any of the Max Trainer models – even the $2000 model.


proform cardio hiit trainer pro console



So you can surf the net, read emails or just tweet about your workout as you’re on your trainer – very cool.

Of course both trainer models also come iFit LIVE compatible. So you can also incorporate running different world trails and tracking your workouts online if you choose to get iFit.


proform cardio hiit trainer pro review


Overall, if you’re looking for something beyond a standard elliptical trainer, the Cardio Hiit Trainer may be just what you’re looking for!


Click Here for More on the Cardio HIIT Trainer Ellipticals.


proform cardio hiit trainer review benefits
Proform Cardio HIIT Trainer



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