Proform HIIT Trainer Review

Commonly Asked Questions About the Proform HIIT Trainer


Looking for a Proform HIIT Trainer Review? Wondering if the HIIT Trainer is right for you?


Proform HIIT Trainer Review
Proform HIIT Trainer


The Proform Smart HIIT Trainer is a hybrid elliptical-climber machine that gives you an edge over the standard elliptical trainer.

But because it’s so different, there is a lot of confusion about it – it’s the one machine I get asked about the most on this blog.

So because of that, this post will try to clear up some of the most commonly asked questions about the Proform HIIT Trainer (and HIIT Trainer PRO model as well).

So let’s get started:




Proform HIIT Trainer Review – What Is It?


The HIIT trainer is a hybrid-elliptical-trainer-stair-climber. It’s more of a climbing elliptical trainer.

Instead of the flat running path you go through with a standard elliptical, this trainer gives you a 10 inch vertical path with a 5 inch horizontal path.

Here’s a short video of the motion. It’s a very short video. You’ll have to hit play a few times to get an idea of the lower body motion on this trainer:



As you can see it’s like a vertical elliptical climbing motion. This has the benefit of using more lower body muscles (and thus burning more calories).

Just like an elliptical trainer, you also get moving upper body arm bars – so you can also train your upper body on this machine.



HIIT Trainer Review – 2 Different HIIT Trainer Models


There are 2 different HIIT ellipticals – the original HIIT Trainer and the HIIT Trainer PRO. Here is the console for the HIIT Trainer model:


proform cardio hiit trainer review
Proform Cardio HIIT Trainer Console


The PRO model (console seen below) is similar in design to the original – but it adds some premium goodies like a full-color HD console , more resistance levels and a heavier flywheel for a more stable feel.


Proform HIIT Trainer vs hiit trainer pro
Proform HIIT Trainer Pro Console


You can read more about the difference between them in my post Proform HIIT Trainer vs Pro Comparison here.



What Is iFit?

iFit is a cool new technology that comes with either HIIT Trainer machine. It takes your elliptical online where you can track your daily workouts, see how far you’ve come and set new goals.


Proform Hiit trainer vs pro comparison
iFit Workouts on the HIIT Trainer Pro

You can also use it to run trails all over the world and see the scenery pass you by in the console or tablet screen.

Can’t get to the gym?

No problem – take a livestream fitness class with iFit from your HIIT Trainer console. Or take a walking tour of Florence to feed your inner traveller.


iFit Workout


There are over 12,000 HD video workouts you can choose from with iFit Coach.


Do I Need iFit With the HIIT Trainer Elliptical?


This is a bit confusing – especially since Proform has changed their tune a few times over the past couple of years.

So here’s how things stand now:


Proform HIIT Trainer – You don’t need iFit – but you can add it on for an extra cost.

Because the console is only dual color on this model however, you will only be able to watch the iFit Coach world scenery if you have a tablet and use this to connect to iFit as seen below:


Proform hiit trainer review
Proform HIIT Trainer Console



Proform HIIT Trainer PRO – You don’t need iFit. But you can get it included.


If you get the PRO model through the Manufacturer you can currently get a 1 year Membership to iFit Coach included. So you can try it out and see if you like it.

Plus, because the PRO model has the larger, full-color console, you don’t need to connect with your tablet to watch iFit scenery or workouts. You can watch right from your console as seen below:


proform cardio hiit trainer vs bowflex max trainer comparison



What are the Proform HIIT Dimensions or Footprint?


The Proform HIIT Trainer measures 29.25” Wide x 66.7” Long x 52” Tall.

The Proform HIIT PRO measures the exact same: 29.25” Wide x 66.7” Long x 52” Tall.



Proform HIIT Review – Are There Any HIIT Workouts with this Trainer?


Yes and no. There are around 34 built-in workouts that come with the machine. These are pretty standard – there are no HIIT workouts included.

However there are a LOT of HIIT workouts included with iFit Coach. You can get HIIT workouts around the world basically.

So if you’re looking specifically for a high-calorie burning intensive HIIT workout, you may want to get iFit Coach.


bowflex max vs proform cardio hiit trainer comparison
Bowflex Max Trainer


How Does the Proform HIIT Trainer Differ From the Bowflex Max?

Great question – these two trainers look very similar so it can be hard to see the real differences.

However in general, having tried them both, I’d say that the Bowflex Max is definitely more of a stair-climber motion – up-and-down, up-and-down.

Click Here for More on the Bowflex Max 


The HIIT Trainer is more of a climbing or vertical elliptical motion – up-over-down-over-up-over-down-over. There’s more of a forward motion to it.

You can also see more differences between them in my post Bowflex Max vs Proform HIIT Trainer here.



proform hiit trainer review
Proform Elliptical



How Does the HIIT Trainer Differ From an Elliptical Trainer?


As stated above the biggest difference is in the lower body motion – the HIIT trainer is more of a vertical climbing motion.

An elliptical is more of a flat-plane running motion.

There are a few other differences as well (plus it also depends on exactly which elliptical model you are comparing to the HIIT trainer).

Also, the HIIT trainer tends to have a smaller footprint than most elliptical trainers – it takes up less space.

If you want to read more on this subject, check out this video: Proform HIIT Trainer vs Elliptical

Or watch it below:



So I hope that clears things up a bit on the Proform HIIT Trainer.

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proform cardio hiit trainer review
Proform Cardio HIIT Trainer