Proform Folding Elliptical Reviews – Two Great Options That Won’t Break the Bank!


proform folding elliptical reviewsLooking for a Proform folding elliptical trainer?

Folding ellipticals are much harder to find than folding treadmills. The limits of the elliptical design don’t mesh very well with a folding frame.

In fact a lot of folding elliptical trainers can end up cheap and flimsy – which is not what you want if you’re going to workout hard on them.

Because of this it can be hard to find a solid, stable elliptical that folds up for easy storage.

However Proform has 2 models that are excellent in this area – the Smart Strider 735 and the Smart Strider 935.

Here’s a few things you need to know:


Proform Folding Elliptical Trainers:



proform folding elliptical reviews
Smart Strider 735

#1 Smart Strider 735 Proform Folding Elliptical


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This trainer comes in at a very affordable $799 and it gives you a lot of essentials like backlit, easy-to-read console, forward and backwards motion and 20 different resistance levels.

It also comes with easy assembly – which means it’s almost fully assembled in the box. You only have a few small steps to do when you unbox it and it’s ready to go.

It also gives you something you don’t usually find on a folding model – incline. Incline changes the slope of your elliptical path so you end up working different muscle groups.

It’s not the highest incline Proform makes – up to 10 degrees. But it’s still pretty decent.

Plus it folds up easily with wheels on the bottom for easy movement.


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proform 735 smart strider elliptical console
Proform 735 Console






#2 Smart Strider 935 Proform Folding Elliptical


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proform smart strider 935 elliptical review
Proform Smart Strider 935 Elliptical

This is the next model up from the 735 and it comes with a few more toys and a bit more substance. Plus it still comes in under $1000 making it affordable for most buyers.

You still get the folding design with wheels on the bottom. It also comes with a decent 18 pound flywheel for added stability.

It also gives you more resistance levels than the 735 model – so you have more room to grow.

And it also adds a full color touch-screen web browser on the console that the 735 does not have. So you can surf the web, read email or watch YouTube videos as you run, very cool.

It also comes with in-handle controls that the 735 does not have.


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proform smart strider 935 elliptical console