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proform folding elliptical reviewsLooking for Proform Folding Elliptical Reviews? Wondering which model is the best choice for you?

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Proform produces some of the most popular folding elliptical trainers on the market. Why so popular?

Well, you can find folding crosstrainers out there – but for the most part these are usually just the flimsy $100 – $200 models that are basically department-store junk.

They aren’t built to give you proper stride lengths or ergonomics. They give you no warranty protection (surprise, surprise). And they won’t stand up to long term, heavy use.

The Proform Smart Strider series of folding ellipticals however are different. They’re much more rugged – built with heavier flywheels and healthy, longer strides for a more comfortable ergonomic fit.


proform folding elliptical reviews



Plus they’re built heavier to give you added machine weight and higher stability.

Currently Proform makes 3 different folding elliptical trainers. You can read a brief review of them below with links to more reviews and information on each one:


Proform Folding Elliptical Reviews:


Proform Smart Strider 495

[ Full Review }

This is the most economical folding elliptical trainer in the series. It comes in around $699 with Free Shipping here. It folds up easily with a 13 pound, inertia-enhanced flywheel and a heavy commercial-gauge solid steel frame.


proform smart strider elliptical reviews
Proform 495 Folding Elliptical


You also get a comfortable 18 inch stride for a more natural running feel. Plus you can add some fun to your workouts with the tablet holder above the console.

So you can watch your favorite TV shows or movies as you workout. And of course it comes iFit coach compatible so you can go online and track your workouts or choose to run world-famous trails from Paris to Hawaii and more.


proform folding elliptical reviews
Proforom 495 Console



The console on this unit is not as fancy as the 895 model – it’s a bit simple and plain. And it toggles back and forth to show your workout feedback – which some people may not like. However for the current price point it’s pretty standard.


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Proform folding elliptical machine reviews
Proform 695 Elliptical


Proform Smart Strider 695

[ Full Review ]

This is the next folding model up from the Proform 495 elliptical coming in around $799 with Free Shipping here.

It has a similar console and layout but it does come with a heavier flywheel – 18 pounds vs 13 pounds on the 495 model. So it’s a bit more stable and can hold up a bit better to longer workouts.


proform folding elliptical trainer reviews
Proform 695 Incline


It also comes with up to 10 degree incline. Incline changes the slope of your running path for more crosstraining options. It’s not necessary to have on a trainer – but most people like the extra crosstraining that it gives you. The Smart Strider 495 model does not come with incline at all.

This model also adds more resistance levels and a cooling fan in the console that you don’t get with the 495 model.


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proform folding elliptical reviews
Proform 895 Folding Elliptical


Proform Smart Strider 895

[ Full Review ]

This is the premium folding elliptical coming in at around $999 plus Free Shipping here. It’s a huge upgrade over the other two machines with a much improved console. You get a full-color console with built-in, touch-screen web browser.


proform folding elliptical reviewsm- 895
Proform 895 Elliptical Console


So you can surf the net as you run, catch up on twitter or facebook or watch your favorite Youtube videos.

It also gives you more resistance levels (24 vs 18) which gives you a lot more room to grow with the trainer over time. You also get a longer warranty and more built-in workouts.


proform smart strider 895 elliptical review with ifit live
Proform 895 with iFit

Plus, unlike the other two models, if you get this model through the Manufacturer here, you can also get a Free wireless heart rate chest strap with the elliptical. A lot of people prefer the wireless monitor since it tends to be more accurate than the EKG hand grip sensors.

Overall if you’re looking for a folding elliptical that’s extremely stable and built to handle longer workouts, the 895 is your machine.


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proform folding elliptical reviews
Proform 895 Elliptical