Proform Elliptical Bike – All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

What to Know BEFORE You Buy!


proform elliptical bike review
Proform Hybrid Trainer

Looking for the Proform elliptical bike?

This is better known as the Proform Hybrid Trainer. It’s a combination elliptical trainer and recumbent bike.

Note however that it’s not an actual “elliptical bike” since the definition of an elliptical bike is a bike that has pedals that work like an elliptical trainer.

Or a better way of putting it is that it’s kind of like an elliptical that you sit down to use.

But the Proform elliptical bike is not that. You can use it as an elliptical trainer – or make 2 quick adjustments to the console and pedals and voila – you can also use it as a recumbent bike.

So you’re basically getting 2 exercise machines for the price of one.

And since you can get it cheap for under $600 with Free Shipping here, it’s not hard to see why this machine is so popular.

But is it really all it’s cracked up to be?  Is there a catch? And what are you REALLY getting for the money>

Well, there are a few things you should know before you buy the Proform elliptical bike to make sure it’s the right fit for you (and so you’re not surprised when you get it):


2 Different Proform Elliptical Bikes – Which Is Best?


There are 2 different Proform Hybrid Trainers – the original:


proform elliptical bike
Proform Hybrid Trainer


and the Hybrid Trainer Pro:

proform elliptical bike review
Proform Hybrid Trainer Pro


The Pro model is about $200 more than the original and adds a few “upgrade” features that improve on the original.

For example you get a longer 17 inch stride – vs the 15 inch stride on the Hybrid Trainer. A 15 inch stride is a bit short for more people of average height and above. You may find the 15 inch stride alright for riding the bike part but when it comes to the elliptical it may feel a bit “short” or jerky.


proform elliptical bike review


A shorter stride also doesn’t really work your leg muscles as well as some ellipticals with longer strides. So having a longer stride on the Pro model is a great option.

The Pro model also comes with a better warranty, heavier flywheel and an upgraded (re: more comfortable) seat. There are also upgraded pedal attachments for the recumbent bike on the Pro model that you don’t get with the original.

So those are your options. My preference is the Pro model – just because you do get a lot more for only $200, which isn’t a huge jump in price. And you’ll definitely notice the different if you’re over 5 foot 8 inches.

Read the full review of the Hybrid Trainer Pro Here.

Or read the full review of the Original Hybrid Trainer Here.



iFit LIVE On the Proform Elliptical Bike


iFit LIVE is all the rage on Proform fitness equipment these days – and it is very, very cool. It lets you take connect your fitness equipment online where it then tracks your workouts for you.


proform elliptical bike with ifit live


You can also download new workouts to your equipment. You can even plot out different world trails to run or bike (or choose from some pre-designed trails already done for you) and watch real landmarks pass you by in your tablet or console screen.

So of course the two Hybrid Trainers are also compatible with iFit. However because the consoles are very limited on these trainers:


proform elliptical bike console


You are also limited in what you can do with iFit. You’ll get the most out of iFit LIVE if you have your own tablet that you can connect and then attach it to the tablet holder above the console of either model to use while you workout like this:


proform elliptical bike review with ifit live



Also, be aware the you don’t need ifit LIVE to use these trainers – they do come with several built-in workouts and all the feedback you need for a great workout. But if you want to try it out, you’ll need an online iFit subscription – which is about $99 a year.



No Incline


Incline changes the slope of your elliptical pathway. While some people don’t really care to have incline on their elliptical, some people really like the challenge that incline gives them.


proform 735 elliptical with incline
Incline On Elliptical Trainer


Because of the limits in design on the Hybrid Trainer however, you don’t get an incline option. If you really want an elliptical trainer with incline for a similar price point, you may want to consider something like the Proform 720E with up to 20 degrees of incline.

So those are some things you really should know about the Proform elliptical bike. Note that for this post, I’m only talking about the latest models.

There are some older models kicking around in stores (which don’t have as many features and quite frankly, aren’t very good quality) and Proform will probably come out with a new form of Hybrid Trainer for 2017. But that’s a whole other post. I’ll keep you updated.

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proform elliptical bike