Proform Cardio HIIT Trainer Pro Review

Proform HIIT Trainer Pro – A Good Buy For You?


proform cardio hiit trainer pro review
Proform Hiit Trainer Pro

The Proform HIIT Trainer Pro is the premium HIIT Trainer in the series.

It’s a step up from the standard model with a larger, full-color, touch-screen HD console, a heavier flywheel and more resistance levels.

This machine is a combination elliptical-stair climber with upper body training arms that helps you burn more calories than a standard elliptical.

It’s kind of like a vertical elliptical.

Plus with iFit you can run trails all over the world – from Paris to Hawaii – and watch real landmarks pass you by in the console screen.

So is the Proform Cardio HIIT Pro a good buy for you?

Here’s what to know before you buy:


Proform HIIT Trainer Pro Reviews
Proform HIIT Trainer Pro Console


HIIT Trainer Pro Specs:

Price: $1599 + Free Shipping

Stride: 10 inch vertical, 5 inch horizontal

Resistance Levels: 26

Tablet Holder? Yes

iFit? Yes – Built-in

Footprint: 66.7”L X 29.25”W x 52″H

Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

Built-In Workouts: 34

Warranty: Lifetime Frame Warranty, 5-Year Parts Warranty, and 2-Year Labor Warranty



Proform Cardio HIIT Trainer Pro Review –  The Pros:


Vertical Elliptical Path

This is not like a standard stepper or elliptical motion. It’s more a combination elliptical-stepper with upper body arm sculpting as well.

You get a 10 inch vertical and 5 inch horizontal elliptical path – it actually feels like a vertical elliptical path or a climbing motion. See the video below:



By engaging more lower body muscles this way, it can help you burn more calories than a regular elliptical.

And with the upper body arms, you’re getting more of a full body workout as well.

Because of the whole body workout you get on this trainer, it’s the perfect machine for high intensity training intervals where you go very hard for a short period of time and then rest for longer periods in between intervals.

This type of training has been proven to be more effective at burning fat. It can even keeping you burning calories post workout for hours.


proform cardio hiit trainer review



Larger, Full Color Console

The Proform CardioHiit Trainer Pro steps up to a large, full-color, HD touch-screen console – so you can see your workout stats in full color.


proform hiit trainer pro review
Proform HIIT Trainer Pro Consoe


This also makes the iFit workouts come alive. You can go running through the Swiss Alps or enjoy the beaches of Santorini – all from your console.

There’s also an integrated tablet holder above the console. So you can attach your tablet and surf the net as you workout – or watch your favorite Netflix shows or YouTube videos.




Travel the World With iFit Coach

iFit Coach takes your trainer online using the WiFi in your home. From there you can track your workouts over time and set new goals.



proform cardio hiit trainer pro review



You also get VIP access to iFit High-Intensity Interval Workouts that were specially designed just for the CardioHIIT Trainer.

iFit also lets you run famous trails all over the world (or map out your own trail to run) from Paris to the Swiss Alps. You’ll see actual landmarks pass you by in your console screen for a more virtual reality workout experience – very cool.

Can’t get to the gym? No problem.


Proform Hiit trainer pro review
iFit Workouts on the HIIT Trainer Pro


Take a Livestream fitness class right from your console. In fact there are over 12,000 iFit workout videos to choose from!

And the best part? If you get the Proform HIIT Trainer Pro through the Manufacturer, you can currently get a 1-year membership to iFit Coach included!


iFit Workout


Heavier Flywheel

With ellipticals a heavier flywheel helps to give you a smoother feeling ride without the jerky stop-and-start motions of cheaper machines. The HIIT Trainer Pro gives you a heavier flywheel than the HIIT Trainer – 30 pounds vs 28 pounds.

This also helps to anchor the machine for a more stable feeling trainer – which makes it great for heavy use or multiple users.



proform cardio hiit trainer review benefits


More Compact Than Traditional Ellipticals

The Cardio Hiit Trainer Pro is more compact than a standard elliptical trainer. It takes up about 1/2 the space – which makes it ideal for apartments, condos or smaller workout areas.



26 Resistance Levels

You also get more room to grow with  26 resistance levels on this machine (vs 24 on the regular HIIT Trainer model). You can adjust them easily from the one-touch buttons on the console as you workout.



proform cardio hiit trainer pro review



iPod Dock

Plug in your iPod or other Mp3 device and listen to your favorite tunes through the built-in speakers.


proform cardio hiit trainer pro review



Proform HIIT Trainer Pro Review – What You Should Know:


No Built-in HIIT Workouts

While this is called the “HIIT” trainer pro, strangely enough there are no actual built-in HIIT training workouts with the machine (which is what you’d expect).

You can however get a large selection of HIIT workouts through the iFit library.





Bottom Line?

If you’re looking for something beyond a traditional elliptical to help you get faster calorie-burning results, the Cardio HIIT Trainer Pro may be perfect for you.

It’s tougher than the regular Cardio HIIT Trainer model with a heavier flywheel, more resistance levels and a longer warranty.

Plus it moves from a standard dual color console to a larger, multi-color HD console, which can really make the iFit world workouts a lot of fun to watch.



Where To Buy and Save:

You can save on the Proform HIIT Trainer Pro direct from the Manufacturer here. You can also use the link below to get a 1-year iFit Membership included and Free Shipping (limited time offer).


Click Here for a Special Offer on the Hiit Trainer PRO  


proform cardio hiit trainer pro review
Proform Cardio HIIT Pro