Proform 695 vs 895 Elliptical Comparison – Which is Best For You?



Trying to compare the Proform 695 vs 895 Folding elliptical trainers?

These are both popular, affordable elliptical trainers that fold up easily to save you space. This makes them great for condos, apartments or other workout areas where space is at a premium.


Proform 695 vs 895 elliptical comparison
Proform 695 Elliptical


They both also come with incline or ramp – which is a feature you don’t usually find on most folding elliptical trainers.

And they both carry a comfortable 18 inch stride to help you fully work your lower body muscles.


proform 695 vs 895 elliptical
Proform 895 Folding Elliptical


So how are they different? And which is best for you?

Let’s break down some of the key differences between the Proform 695 vs 895 folding elliptical trainers below:


proform folding elliptical trainer benefits



Proform 695 vs 895 Comparison – Price


As of this writing the Proform 695 Smart Strider elliptical is the most budget-friendly machine, coming in around $799 with Free Shipping here.

The Proform 895 Smart Strider is still quite affordable however coming in for a few hundred more at around $1099 with Free Shipping here.

They both have the popular rear-drive folding design however with the incline and 18 inch stride.




Proform 695 vs 895 Comparison – Console


This is where you’ll see one of the big differences between these two trainers. The Proform 695 console is a simple LED display that toggles back and forth between your workout stats:


proform 695 vs 895 elliptical folding
Proform 695 Console


The Proform 895 elliptical comes with a full-color, touch-screen HD console that makes it easy to read your workout stats with a swipe of your finger.


proform 695 vs 895 Smart Strider elliptical
Proform 895 Elliptical Console


The full-color console also really makes the iFit Coach workouts come alive (more on that below) and can add a lot more enjoyment to your workout.

You do get tablet holders above the consoles on both elliptical models. So you can surf the web or watch your favorites movies or shows as you workout with your tablet.


proform 895 smart strider review
Proform 895 CSE Console


Proform 695 vs 895 Comparison – Resistance


The Proform 695 folding elliptical comes with 20 resistance levels to add challenge to your workout. However the Proform 895 folding elliptical gives you 24 resistance levels.

So you have a bit more room to grow with the 895 model as your fitness level improves.


proform 695 vs 895 comparison
Proform 895 Incline


Proform 695 vs 895 Comparison – Incline

Incline (also called ramp) changes the slope of your elliptical running pathway, allowing you to target and train different lower body muscles.

Both trainer gives you from 0 – 10 degree incline, which is great for crosstraining. However there is a minor – but important difference here.

The Proform 695 incline is manual whereas the Proform 895 is power incline.

So you have to actually get off the Proform 695 to change the incline settings.

You can automatically change the incline settings from the console on the Proform 895. So this is much more convenient.


proform 695 vs 895 elliptical
Ramp on the Proform 895


Proform 695 vs 895 Elliptical – iFit Coach

Both elliptical trainers will work with iFit Coach. With iFit Coach you can track your workouts and see how far you’ve come over time – which can be very motivating.


proform 895 CSE elliptical review
Proform 895 CSE with iFit

You can also run trails all over the world – from Paris to New Zealand – and watch the scenery pass you by in the console or tablet window.

Because the Proform 695 elliptical does not have a full-color console, you’ll need to connect to iFit coach with your tablet if you want to take advantage of this feature.

With the Proform 895 elliptical you can connect to iFit directly through your console – you don’t need a tablet to do it.

Plus if you get the Proform Smart Strider 895 elliptical through the Manufacturer (as of this writing), you can get a 1 year Membership to iFit Coach included. So you can try it out for a full year and see if you like it.


proform 695 vs 895 comparison
Proform 895 Console with iFit


Bottom Line?

So which is better when comparing the Proform 695 vs 895 elliptical trainer?

Well, they both fold up for easy moving and strorage. The Proform 695 is more affordable – so it’s more attractive from a budget standpoint.

It also gives you the option to add iFit Coach (if you have a tablet) for some extra entertainment.

However the Proform 895 has a much more user-friendly console that, along with iFit, can make your workouts a lot more enjoyable.

Plus you also get more resistance levels and power incline.

So it really comes down to what’s most important to you.

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proform 695 vs 895 elliptical
Proform 895 Folding Elliptical



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Proform 695 vs 895 elliptical comparison
Proform 695 Elliptical