Proform 520E Vs 720E – Which Is Best For You?


Trying to decide between the Proform 520e vs 720e elliptical? What’s the difference?

These are two very similar looking starter ellipticals that come in at super-affordable prices.


proform 520e vs 720e elliptical
Proform 520E Elliptical


Since the 720E is just one step above the 520E model (and because the prices jump around a bit so it can be confusing) a lot of people are left wondering, how exactly are these two trainers different?

First of all, they both give you really impressive 20 inch strides, up to 20 degrees power incline and respectable 20 pound flywheels. They are both iFit LIVE compatible with EKG grip pulse sensors and dual-color backlit consoles.


proform 520E vs 720E elliptical comparison
Proform Endurance 720e Elliptical


So where are they different?

This post will give you a brief rundown of what you need to know:


Proform 520E vs 720E Comparison – Price


Right now anyway, the Proform 520E is the more affordable of the two – coming in around $599 with Free Shipping here. That makes it the more popular option for buyers on a budget.

However the 720E is also pretty affordable as well. You can get it around $799 with Free Shipping here. So is it worth the extra $200? Read on for the answer!



Proform 520E vs 720E – Resistance Levels


You get more resistance levels on the 720E model – 20 levels vs 18. Not a big difference – but you do have a bit more room to grow and max out on the top resistance level with the 720E elliptical.


proform 520E vs 720E comparison
Proform 720E Elliptical Console



Proform 520E vs 720E – Built-in Workouts


The Proform 720E elliptical comes with a few more built in workouts than the 520E. You get 24 workouts on the 720 and 18 workouts on the 520 elliptical.




Proform 520E vs 720E – Warranty


The warranty is also better on the 720E – giving you more protection on your investment. You get 2 years on parts for the 720 trainer vs 1 year on parts for the 520 model.


proform 520E vs 720E comparison

Biggest Difference Between the Proform 520eE vs 720E: Incline


All of the above is important. But the biggest difference is found on the incline option for these two trainers.

Both of them give you up to 20 degree inclines. However the Proforom 520E incline is manual whereas the Proform 720E has a power incline.


proform 520 vs 720 elliptical



This means that to change the incline on the 520E model, you have to get off the machine to do it. You can’t just do it in the middle of your workout from the console. This can be a pain (although some people don’t mind it).

Contrast that with the power incline on the 720E model – you just press a button on the console to change the incline while you’re mid-workout. No getting off the machine. No workout interruptions. MUCH easier and more convenient.


proform 520 vs 720 elliptical trainer



This may be a big deal to some people. And others? Meh – not so much. I personally prefer power incline as I hate to get off the elliptical mid-workout. But maybe for a good deal and a cheap price on an elliptical like the Proform 520E, I might consider it.

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Proform 520E Elliptical



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proform endurance 720e elliptical trainer review
Proform Endurance 720e Elliptical