Proform 12.9 vs 16.9 Elliptical Comparison – Which is Best For You? (Updated 2018)

Trying to decide between the Proform 12.9  vs 16.9 elliptical?  Wondering which is best for you?


Proform 12.9 vs 16.9 elliptical
Proform Pro 12.9 Elliptical


These are both part of the “Pro” series which are much higher end than Proform’s starter models – with heavier flywheels, more resistance levels, power incline and full-color, HD, touch-screen consoles.

These are also front-drive ellipticals meaning the flywheel is out in front of the pedals.

A lot of people like front drive trainers as they give you more of a “climbing” feel. In contrast, rear drive trainers give you more of a flat-running surface feel.


proform 16.9 elliptical trainer review
Proform 16.9 Elliptical


Both elliptical trainers also come iFit Coach ready – you can run trails all over the world and watch iFit world scenery in large, living color for some virtual reality fun.

However because they look so similar to each other, it can be hard to tell them apart – but there are some subtle differences between them that you definitely want to be aware of before you buy.

So what’s the difference between the Proform 12.9 vs 16.9 elliptical – and which is best for you? Here’s what you need to know:



Proform 12.9 vs 16.9 Elliptical – Price

As of this writing, the Proform 12.9 runs a bit less than the 16.9 trainer – you can get it here for about $1399 with Free Shipping. This includes the Free Wireless heart rate chest strap as well.


wireless heart rate monitor



The Proform 16.9 elliptical trainer runs around $1499 with Free Shipping here . This also includes a Free wireless heart rate monitor as well.

So if you’re on a budget the Proform 12.9 elliptical is the more attractive option.

So what do you get on the Proform 16.9 for the extra money? And is it worth it for you?



proform 12.9 vs 16.9 elliptical review with ifit live
Proform 12.9 Elliptical with iFit



Proform 12.9 vs 16.9 Elliptical – Console Size


The Proform 12.9 – seen below – comes with a 7 inch full color, HD, touch-screen console. This makes it really fun when watching iFit Coach world scenery or HD workout videos:


proform 12.9 vs 16.9 elliptical
Proform Smart Pro 12.9 Console



The Proform 16.9 elliptical  – seen below – goes even further with a larger 10 inch, full-color HD console:


Proform 12.9 vs 16.9 Comparison
Proform Smart Pro 16.9 Elliptical Console


With the larger console, it’s easier to read your workout stats or watch iFit videos on the 16.9 trainer. This can make a big difference in the enjoyment of your workout – it’s kind of like having a larger tv screen.

Here’s another view of the Proform 16.9 console with iFit:


proform pro 16.9 elliptical review
Proform 16.9 Console with iFit


This is pretty much one of the nicest consoles you’ll find in any home elliptical under $1500. And it’s really impressive.

Plus, if you get the Proform 16.9 trainer through the Manufacturer, you can also get a 1-Year Membership to iFit Coach included.

So you can try over 12,000 iFit workout videos, walking tours and specialty workout classes for a full year to see if you like it.


proform 12.9 vs 16.9 elliptical comparison



Proform Pro 12.9 vs 16.9 Elliptical – Warranty


The Proform 16.9 does have slightly heavier construction to it with a little more weight to the machine.

The heavier construction is also seen with the longer warranty coverage: 3 years on service vs 2 years. However to be fair, the warranties on both machines are excellent.


proform 12.9 vs 16.9 elliptical trainers



Bottom Line?

So which elliptical is best for you when comparing the Proform 12.9 vs 16.9 elliptical trainers?

Well the main difference is really seen in the console.

The Proform 16.9 trainer has a larger, touch-screen 10 inch console (vs 7 inches). This can make the iFit workouts more enjoyable to watch.

It can also make reading your workout stats a bit easier.

The 16.9 trainer also gives you a little bit more warranty protection as well.

It’s surprising that there aren’t actually more differences between these two trainers. However the price difference isn’t huge between them (around $100 as of this writing).

So  it comes down to deciding whether you want to pay a bit extra to get the larger console screen or not.

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proform 12.9 vs 16.9 elliptical
Proform 16.9 Elliptical



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Proform 12.9 vs 16.9 elliptical
Proform Pro 12.9 Elliptical