Benefits of Proform Folding Elliptical Trainers


Thinking about a folding elliptical trainer?

There are several on the market these days – although they aren’t as plentiful as folding treadmills.

The benefits of a folding elliptical is that you can fold it up, lock it in place and move it away out of your workout area.

You can also fold it up and move it away to clean around the area.

For this reason folding elliptical trainers are popular with smaller workout areas like condos or apartments.

They are also popular with home offices.

Proform currently makes 3 different folding elliptical trainers – called the Smart Strider elliptical series.

This includes the Smart Strider 495, Smart Strider 695 and the Smart Strider 895.


proform folding elliptical trainer benefits


They give you some pretty cool benefits over a lot of other folding elliptical trainers on the market. Here’s a brief list of benefits:


Proform Folding Elliptical Benefits:


#1 Sturdy and Stable

Because of the limits of a folding elliptical design, you can often get a folding elliptical that feels flimsy and wobbly. Forget working hard on it – it just isn’t stable enough.

Proform folding ellipticals get around this issue for the most part because they are heavier and more solid than standard folding trainers (which helps add stability).

They also use Commercial-Gauge Solid Steel Construction and heavier flywheels than other folding models.


proform folding elliptical benefits
Proform 895 Folding Elliptical


While this can make them slightly harder to move, there are wheels on the bottom of all models to help you.



#2 Out-of-the-Box Assembly

The last thing you want to do when buying an elliptical is spend hours putting it together, trying to interpret confusing instructions or find missing bolts.


proform smart strider folding elliptical trainers


All Proform folding models come with out-of-the-box easy assembly. This means they come almost fully assembled for you.

You can basically put these trainers together with just a few simple steps in minutes – not hours. That’s a huge plus, especially for those of us who aren’t handy.


Ramp on the Proform 895


#3 Incline or Ramp

This is another thing you don’t usually find on other folding elliptical trainers because of the limits of a folding elliptical design.

Incline or Ramp changes the slope of your elliptical pathway, helping you to target and crosstrain different muscle groups.

You get from 0 – 10 degrees incline on the Proform 895 and 695 models (but not the 495 model). So if you’re looking for that extra crosstraining edge, this is a great feature to have.


proform folding elliptical trainer reviews
Proform 695 Incline


#4 iFit Coach

We can’t talk about Proform’s folding elliptical trainers without mentioning iFit Coach. iFit Coach is an option you can add on to your elliptical.

It takes your trainer online and from there you can track your workouts over time, and even run trails all over the world, watching scenery pass you by in the console or tablet window.


proform folding elliptical trainer benefits
Proform 895 with iFit



In fact there are over 12,000 different workouts to choose from with iFit Coach. It takes your training up to a whole new level and it’s a great option if you tend to get bored easily while working out.


proform 895 CSE elliptical review
Proform 895 CSE with iFit


So those are some of the benefits of Proform Folding Elliptical Trainers. If you’re looking for a more stable, sturdy folding elliptical you may want to consider one of these models for your home or office.

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