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proform elliptical reviews



Proform Elliptical Reviews:



proform elliptical reviewsProform 16.9 Elliptical

This is one of Proform’s premium front drive trainers with all the bells and whistles.

The extra-heavy, 32-pound flywheel helps to give you a smoother ride. It also anchors the machine for added stability – great for intense workouts.

You also get the largest full-color, HD, Touch-screen console the Proform makes- which makes the iFit World Scenery come alive!

Plus the double-roller-track design helps to reinforce the machine for extra-long or intense workouts.

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Proform Cardio HIIT Trainer PRO

proform hiit trainer reviewsThis is the premium Cardio HIIT Trainer – a combination elliptical-stair climber that can help you get weight loss results very fast.

The HIIT Trainer Pro gives you a vertical elliptical path – more like climbing than running.

This recruits more lower body muscle groups for a more effective workout.

You also get an extra-large, full color, HD, touch-screen console, which makes the iFit world scenery a lot of fun to watch.

Explore famous trails all over the world – right from your console!

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Proform Hybrid Trainer XT

Proform elliptical reviews - xt trainerThe newest member of the Hybrid Trainer family, the XT is a combination elliptical trainer-bike.

You can use it as an elliptical trainer or – with 2 quick adjustments – turn it into a recumbent bike!

The XT also steps up from the original Hybrid Trainer with upgraded pedals and a more comfortable seat with extra padding.

Coming in for an unbeatable price, if you’re looking for 2-machines-in-1, this is worth considering

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Proform 895 Smart Strider Elliptical

proform elliptical reviewsThe 895 is the premium model in Proform’s  Smart Strider series.

These elliptical do something most other elliptical do not – they fold up.

So if you want to save space, you can just fold them up and move them out of the way when you’re done!

The Proform 895 also comes with power incline – so you can add extra challenge to your workouts.

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proform elliptical reviewsProform 520E Elliptical

Looking for a simple, affordable front-drive elliptical without all the bells and whistles?

The Proform 520E is one of Proform’s most affordable trainers with everything you need for a great workout.

You get a 19 inch stride to more fully work your lower body muscles.

And you can add some incline with the 20 degree manual ramp feature.

Plus you can attach your tablet above the console and watch your favorite movies as you workout!

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proform hiit trainer reviewsProform HIIT Trainer

The HIIT trainer that started it all. This is a combination elliptical-stair climber that gives you more ways to work your lower body.

With a vertical climbing motion (vs horizontal), you can recruit more muscle groups and burn calories faster than a standard elliptical.

The HIIT trainer is also more compact than a regular elliptical trainer, making it great for condos or apartments!

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proform elliptical trainer reviewsProform Hybrid Trainer Pro

Is it an elliptical or a bike? It’s both. You can use this machine as an elliptical trainer – or with 2 quick, easy adjustments to the console and pedals, use it as a recumbent bike.

The Pro model has several improvements over the original Hybrid Trainer including a longer 17 inch stride, improved footpedals and heavier flywheel.

Plus it comes iFit Coach compatible and there’s a bracket above the console to hold your tablet. So you can watch your favorite movies or TV shows as you workout.

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