Proform 12.9 Elliptical Trainer Review

Proform 12.9 Elliptical – A Good Buy For You?


Proform 12.9 elliptical trainer review
Proform Pro 12.9 Elliptical

The Proform Pro 12.9 Elliptical is a popular, premium elliptical in the Pro series.

“Pro” models carry heavier flywheels for added stability, have better, sturdier design with more resistance levels for extra challenge.

The Proform Pro 12.9 elliptical also comes with a very popular feature: the touch-screen, multi-color console with web browser built-in.

So you can surf the net, read emails or watch youtube videos from your console as you workout.

Is the Proform 12.9 elliptical a good buy for you?

Here’s what to know before buying:


proform 12.9 elliptical review
Proform 12.9 Console


Proform 12.9 Elliptical Specs:

Price: $1299 + Free Shipping

Strider: 20 inches

Resistance Levels: 26

Incline: 0 – 20 degrees

iFit? Yes – Built-In

Weight Capacity: 325 lbs

Built-In Workouts: 35

Warranty: Lifetime Frame Warranty, 5-Year Parts Warranty, and a 2-Year Labor Warranty


 proform pro 12.9 flywheel



Proform 12.9 Elliptical Review –  The Pros:


Heavy 32 Pound Flywheel For Added Stability

With ellipticals, a heavier flywheel gives you a smoother-feeling ride without all the jerky stop-and-start motions of cheaper crosstrainers. This is a monster flywheel on the front-drive design that adds more stability to your workout.

It’s especially ideal for regular exercisers or homes with multiple users.




Full Color Console With Web Browser

Have fun surfing the net as you workout with the built-in web browser in the console. Catch up on the latest news, read emails or watch you tube videos. This can make your workouts a lot more fun!



proform 12.9 elliptical review - console with ifit live



Double Roller Track Design Less Likely To Break

A lot of front drive crosstrainers are designed with single rollers moving back and forth on each track. While this is fine for medium use, under heavy or prolonged use, it can be easy over time for the single rollers to come off the track and break.

The Proform 12.9 elliptical has a double roller track design – with two wheels for each track on the back instead of just one.

This makes it more stable and less likely to come off the track and break. This is really something that you really want to look for in any high-grade elliptical.



Power Incline up to 20 Degrees

Incline changes the slope of your elliptical path, helping you to work different muscle groups and crosstrain more effectively. While it’s not necessary to have, a lot of people want incline as it gives you a better crosstraining workout with the incline option.


proform pro 12.9 elliptical trainer review

The Proform 12.9 elliptical gives you from 0 – 20 degree incline. Because it’s power incline this means you don’t have to get off the elliptical to adjust the incline – you can adjust it from the console which is convenient.




Run Famous World Trails With iFit Coach

iFit Coach (formerly called iFit LIVE) connects your elliptical to the Internet. From there you can track your workouts over time or download unlimited new workouts from the iFit Library.

You can also choose to run famous world trails – from Paris to Hawaii – and watch in the console window as actual landmarks pass you by. Very virtual reality!


proform 12.9 review
Proform 12.9 Elliptical with iFit





Comfortable 20 Inch Stride

Stride is the longest distance between the two pedals. The Proform 12.9 gives you a very healthy 20 inch stride.

You want a longer stride as it will more fully work your lower body muscles better than a shorter stride. Longer strides also feel more natural and comfortable for people, giving you a better workout overall.




26 Resistance Levels

You get a lot of room to grow with extra resistance levels on this machine. You can adjust them easily from the one-touch buttons on the console as you workout.




Free Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

wireless heart rate monitorYou can track your heart rate either with the EKG grip pulse sensors or with a wireless heart rate chest strap.

Plus if you get the Proform 12.9 from the Manufacturer here, you can get a Free wireless chest strap included with the elliptical.

A lot of people prefer the wireless monitor since it tends to be more accurate than the hand grip monitor.

Plus you don’t have to take your arms off the moving arm bars to grip the pulse sensors in order to get a heart rate reading.





proform pro 12.9 elliptical




Proform 12.9 Elliptical Review – The Cons:


iFit Subscription

While you don’t need iFit to use this elliptical, if you want to try all the features iFit offers you, you’ll need an online subscription – about $14 a month.


proform 12.9 elliptical review - console with ifit live






Bottom Line?

If you’re looking for a premium elliptical with commercial-grade design and heavier construction, you’ll probably love the Proform Pro 12.9 elliptical.

The monster flywheel really anchors the machine for extra stability and the longer stride helps to more fully work your lower body.

And of course it’s hard to get bored with the built-in web browser, iPod dock, iFit LIVE options and tablet holder – so your workouts will be a lot more enjoyable as well!



Where To Buy And Save:

You can get the new Proform 12.9 elliptical direct from the Manufacturer here. You can also watch a video on exactly how it works and get Free Shipping to your home, which will save you about $150.


Click Here to Save on the Proform 12.9 Elliptical


Proform 12.9 elliptical trainer review
Proform Pro 12.9 Elliptical